The World in June July 2020 July 2020

By MYRLE VANDERSTRAETEN, Published in International

Liverpool Football Club was confirmed as Premier League champions for the first time in 30 years. At the time of publishing the Club clinched the title with a record-breaking seven fixtures remaining. When asked how he felt, manager Jurgen Klopp said, 'Good! Pretty good. Honestly, it's still not settled, still not really got it, but it feels brilliant.' It wasn't a given that Manchester City would lose to Chelsea but, just in case, a plan was put in place so that the players could be together. Klopp said, 'Look, so many people would have deserved to be part of this last night. So many more people than there were last night. But we had to make decisions. We all had to make decisions and the decision was everybody who is at Melwood (the Liverpool training ground) in the moment with us every day and got tested twice can be there, no other people. So we did it without families of course, we did it without the wives as well. It was just the team and the staff around, but that was the minimum that we had to do. You couldn't or I cannot imagine how it would have been had we been all alone at home. Yes, with our families but still kind of alone and not with the players together, how that would have felt. So it was perfect. It was perfectly organised. Nobody had a long time to organise it obviously. We decided to do it after the game against Crystal Palace, we will give it a try. It was big, a big emotional moment. The final whistle was a big moment'. This special win will be celebrated in Liverpool when life returns to a semblance of normality.

The Times has reported that the UK government plans to bring in a delivery charge to reduce the environmental damage of the number of delivery vans on UK roads. Scientific advisers to the Department for Transport recommended a mandatory charge for all consumer deliveries from Amazon and other online retailers – similar to the levy on plastic bags. According to the advisers' report, on-line shopping that offers free and next-day delivery services have caused "unnecessary over-ordering", such as buying lots of clothes and returning the unwanted ones, free of charge. It said compulsory charges on shoppers may be needed to "encourage more sustainable behaviour".

Costa Coffee and Coca-Cola partnered to create a range of cola-flavoured coffees. The new hot drinks launched in China last month, and include a cappuccino and a latte. A cold brew version will be released there shortly.

A passenger on a Swiss Federal train, travelling from St Gallen to Lucerne, apparently forgot to take their parcel when they got off. CNN reports that Swiss police are looking for a 'forgetful individual' who left a package of gold bars valued at more than $190 000. Although the incident occurred last October, and there have been "extensive investigations" according to officials in a statement published in the local government Lucerne Canton gazette on 2 June, the owner has not been found. Authorities say the owner has five years to claim the gold.

While some stores on Fifth Avenue, New York are trying to get out of their leases, others are taking a hopeful stance, among them, Saks Fifth Avenue's flagship store which reopened in June in, as Vogue commented, a changed New York and a changed world. The store replaced its boarded-up façade with windows featuring a "Welcome Back, New York" theme. Inside, every precaution is being taken – a concierge presented customers who had forgotten their mask with a non-medical mask, a hand sanitiser station, ultraviolet lights sanitising escalator railings, elevators reserved for seniors and differently abled guests, surfaces being sanitised multiple times throughout the day and decals on the floor to encourage social distancing. Saks' president, Marc Metrick, says 'The future is going to be about how we connect our physical experience with our virtual experience. That's going to be the real push here because there's no better customer than the one that shops both online and in store'.

Law-360 reported that there is a need for a change needed in the new gig economy in the United States, from both a tax and a benefit point of view. It comments that the 'COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the crucial role that self-employed workers play in providing hailed rides, child care and other on-demand services, but it has also revived longstanding questions about under-reported income and the needs of independent contractors traditionally excluded from federal unemployment benefits'. The congressional tax-writing committees are to look at proposals that will tighten tax reporting requirements to ensure that they pay taxes owed and receive benefits promised, particularly currently by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) which was enacted in March.