Latest Issue - Quarter 2 2022

Experience of a candidate attorney in a boutique law firm Top Students 2021

'Law is an art which requires long study and experience before a man can attain to the cognisance of it.' – Edward Coke

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Embrace your practical vocation Top Students 2021

So you finished your LLB, signed a practical vocational training contract (contract of articles), started working and are now on your way to becoming a lawyer? Congratulations!

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Top students 2021 Top Students 2021

Dear Student

Congratulations, I have been advised by your alma matter that you were one of the top final year LLB graduates of 2021. This is a major accomplishment, made even more special as it was achieved during a very uncertain period globally. The Quarter 2 issue of without prejudice will carry the traditional Top Law Graduates feature. May I ask you to complete the questions below?

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