June 2010

Bury my heart at wounded ego Upton Osgood's Bar Talk June 2010

Gentle readers, this is the first in a series of irreverencies, likely to be as irregular as a yoghurtless housewife. This instalment is inspired, like many of us, by a famous quote. To wit, the words of Judge Nigel Paul Willis in giving judgement on April 28 2010:

"There is more at stake than the wounded ego of an individual judge." (in Emfuleni Municipality vs Builders Advancement Services CC and others: Case no. 2009/51258 (SGHC))

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the view from down under - Kevin Rudd and the creaking hinge of fate Lifestyle June 2010

The election of the new Labor government led by Kevin Rudd in 2007 was hailed by many as watershed for Australia, maybe even for the planet. Rudd did not dissociate himself from such sentiments.

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...I still don’t like it Lifestyle - Motoring June 2010

Isn't it funny how preconceived ideas plague one's perception of cars? I don't particularly like the Renault range or their bad reputation for after sales service and, despite numerous good cars and lots of promises from Renault themselves regarding improved service delivery, I had made up my mind that I wasn't going to like this little car.

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Tales from the US of A... International June 2010

No Food Stamps for Service Dog of Disabled Owner

A disabled man in Pennsylvania went to court to claim food stamps for his service dog. His dog is a necessity due to his disability and he lacks the funds to feed the dog properly. He claimed that the dog's nutritional requirements should be taken into account, as that of a household member, in determining his owner's food stamp allotment. On the law, the court found against him but expressed sympathy for his plight hoping that some other social security programme would make provision to deal with the issue. Since the hearing, a number of lawyers have offered to assist with an appeal.

Martha Neil April 7

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