September 2020

Practical review of South African National Phase Patent Application-to-Grant timeframe Spotlight On Intellectual Property Law September 2020

In terms of the South African Patents Act, the Registrar is directed to examine every application for a patent and every complete specification accompanying the application, or lodged at the South African Patent Office in pursuance of the application, in the prescribed manner to ensure that it complies with the requirements of the Act. The important qualification is that the examination should be done in the prescribed manner. For an understanding of this qualification, the South African Patent Regulations state that the examination is limited to whether an application complies with the prescribed formalities.

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Southern Sun squares off against Namibian brand offender Spotlight On Intellectual Property Law September 2020

In 2018, the Namibian High Court issued a decision in favour of Southern Sun Africa (First Applicant) & Southern Sun Hotel Interests (Pty) Limited (Second Applicant), on the basis of passing-off and copyright infringement, against Sun Square Hotel (Pty) Limited (Respondent), a Namibian company.

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Snapshot of August 2020 . . . Deal Selection September 2020

SA Exchange Listed M&A

Rand Merchant Investment as part of a consortium, made a cash offer to Hastings Group shareholders. Main Street 1353, the entity jointly held by RMI and OUTsurance, will make an offer to acquire a top-up stake of 0.3% in Hastings for an amount of £5,33 million. Following completion of the offer Main Street will hold a 30% stake in the UK motor insurer with the option to acquire a further 10% in the company within 18 months of the completion of the offer at the price per Hastings share equal to the offer price.

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